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Services Copy
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Services Copy

Delivering Results with Integrity





  • Create Daily Communication Group
  • Verify Roll Call
  • Pull Route Assignments from Amazon Wave Planner
  • Match Wave Planner to DSP Portal
  • Make Roster Adjustments
  • Update Roll Call Sheets
  • Facilitate DSP and Station Communication during load out
  • Track and Report Missing or Delayed Routes/Bags
  • Post Standard Work and Safety Tips throughout the day
  • E-Mentor Verification Daily
  • OTR Troubleshooting
  • Remote Parking Meter Payments
  • Lockout and Towing Coordination
  • Rescue Coordination
  • Next-Day Attendance Confirmation
  • Rescue Reporting
  • Daily and Weekly Rostering in Portal


Performance Management


  • Weekly Smart-Sheet completion for Amazon DPR
  • Deep Drive Performance Reports
  • Coach Drivers on Performance Improvement
  • Concession Appeals and Follow Up
  • Preparation of Reports from PDF to editable Excel file.
  • Owner 1:1 Consultation regarding DSP Scorecard.

Misc. Operations


  • Facilitate Ramp Plans
  • Respond to Amazon Call-Outs, Actions Plans, and Bridges
  • Ensure Schedules meet Rostering and Ramp plan needs
  • Create and Manage Driver Schedules




  • Element Xcelerate Portal Management
  • Rental Vehicle Documentation Review
  • Recall Repair Coordination
  • Preventative Maintenance Schedules
  • Amazon Damage Report Submission
  • Coordination with Lot Attendant
  • *Insurance Claim Processing
  • *Accident Intake
  • *Part Ordering

Human Resources



  • Digital Onboarding with One-Click Hiring
  • Onboarding Troubleshooting with Candidates
  • Create Work Emails
  • Coordinate Drug Test
  • Policy Assistance and Handbook Compilation
  • Onboard to Fleet Commander for Fuel Access
  • Onboard to E-Mentor
  • Create Driver Profile in Payroll Application



  • Payroll Management
  • Timecard Adjustments
  • PTO and Benefits Support
  • Bonus Tracking
  • Unemployment Claims Assist
  • Child Support and Bankruptcy garnishment management

Additional Services




  • Payment Reconciliation
  • QuickBooks Setup
  • QuickBooks Ongoing Data Entry

Best Practice Guidance


  • Ordering and Procurement of Supplies
  • Driver Job Postings
  • Recommended Incentives/Bonuses
  • Interviewing Platforms
  • Safety Recommendations
  • Pro Forma Review
  • Pre-Launch